Reach Trucks

Also known as lift trucks, reach trucks are an important equipment used to lift materials and goods in storage facilities. The main unique feature of reach trucks is, they are designed with two forks protruding from the machine. These are mainly included to ensure that the weight being handled by the equipment is evenly distributed for stability and safety. Reach trucks are an ideal choice of equipment that are also recommended for businesses involved in logistics and distributions.

Similar to other kinds of warehouse equipment in the market, reach trucks can also serve diverse applications in terms of lifting and stacking goods. In recognition of this, Singapore ForkLift Service offers a wider selection of reach trucks from where you are able to effortlessly find the most suitable equipment for your needs. Besides quality, our company is also committed to reducing the operational costs for business. Thus, we provide reach trucks for hire and sale at very competitive rates.

Our company understands the need for highly durable, compact and efficient reach trucks. Thus, we go far and wide to find a collection of the best reach trucks that can deliver greater performance, safety and unrivaled reliability in handling materials and goods. In fact, we continue to update our product portfolio on regular basis to accommodate a wide range of solutions so you are never troubled finding the most suitable reach truck for your operations as well as budget estimates.

Why Choose our Reach Trucks

Buying or hiring our reach trucks usually comes with lots of benefits that will no doubt contribute greater productivity and significant savings on the costs of your operations. The following are key reasons why you should consider obtaining reach trucks from our company;

Compact and Durable

One of the main features of our reach trucks that make them appealing to most warehouse operators is their greater strength. All the components of the trucks are constructed from very strong materials that can effectively withstand huge loads and effects of environmental and weather changes like, corrosion. This impacts greater longevity of the machines, which could also help you reduce the operational costs.

Our reach trucks have different loading capacities that you can select depending on the amount of weights that you handle. We offer four wheel reach trucks that can handle weights of up to 12,000 pounds. However, you can also opt for a three-wheel lift truck, which can handle even larger weights. Depending on the kinds of goods-handling activities that your business is involved in, we can help you get the right reach truck for the job.

We also provide reach trucks with varying lift heights, which you can also choose based on where you intend to use them. You can find reach trucks that can lift goods up to 30 feet or less. But, there is no reason to worry because, we can still assist you in choosing the best lift height that can effectively serve in your warehouse.

Reliable Reach Truck Brands

Whenever you visit our stores for reach trucks, you will always find a wide range of brands to select from. However, our company only stocks reach trucks from leading brands in the market for guaranteed performance and efficiency. Some of the best reach truck brands that we provide include, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, Manitou, Komatsu, Still, Crown, Hyster, TCM and Nissan.

We always strive to go the extra mile to select warehouse equipment from trusted brands in the industry so that all our customers get the best money value. And, our company continuously reviews other brands in the market too in order to offer even more diverse options. Our team of Customer Care representatives will always guide you in every step of choosing an ideal reach truck brand.

Great for both Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Our reach trucks are quite versatile when it comes to application since they can be used both in open-air warehouses as well as enclosed facilities. This will not only save you from the costs of hiring or buying new reach trucks each time that you are shifting workplaces but, also significantly reduce downtime. The lift trucks are equipped with innovative features that can guarantee greater performance in varying environments.

One of the features that enable these reach trucks to effectively maneuver both smooth and rugged surfaces are the tires. Our reach trucks are fitted with pneumatic tires that are large and constructed with better tread for outdoor use. On the other hand, we also have reach trucks with cushion tires that are suitable for handling goods indoors. For better sustainability, you can also acquire a lift truck with solid pneumatic tires, which can deliver in both environments.

Energy Efficient

Choosing our reach trucks will also offer you greater savings in terms of fuel or energy costs. This is because, our reach trucks consume very low fuel, thanks to their energy-saving features. Depending on the type of fuel that you prefer and the condition of your warehouse, we have reach trucks that are powered by diesel, gasoline, electricity and propane gas. Generally, electric powered trucks are the most energy efficient and Eco-friendly. However, diesel, gasoline and LPG-powered lift trucks could also have greater long terms benefits.

Readily available Spare parts and Repair services

By obtaining a reach truck from our company, you will also no longer be bothered with finding spare parts or repairs in the event of a problem. Our company also deals in high quality spare parts for all reach truck components. All these can always be delivered to you directly on-site in the shortest notice. For the best solutions, we also have a team of engineers that can be dispatched to fix your reach truck immediately. In case you may also need regular reach truck maintenance, we can still create a schedule and deliver the services at your own convenience.

The Best Reach Trucks for Hire and Sale Singapore

Singapore ForkLift Service is the right partner that you can always trust to deliver quality and affordable reach trucks for rent and sale. Do not hesitate to talk to us for the best reach trucks, forklift types, spare parts and repair services Singapore.