Crown Forklifts

Also considered one of the most trusted forklift brands in Singapore, Crown forklifts are designed with a keen attention to improved productivity, user safety, energy efficiency and longevity. In fact, these are the key reasons our Crown forklifts are among the leading brands of machinery used in handling materials and goods in most work sites across Singapore. Besides, Crown forklifts are also accorded professional after sales services to ensure that you enjoy using the forklifts in every step of the way.

At Singapore ForkLift Service, we only stock Crown forklifts that are directly obtained from the genuine manufacturer for greater money value. All the Crown forklifts for sale and hire that we offer are carefully tested and proven effective and efficient by engineers. Our forklifts are recommended for both light and intensive weight handling operations in varying working conditions.  As a result of this, there is always no doubt that you will get the best quality Crown forklift for the intended application.

In order to meet diverse customer demands, we offer Crown forklifts in numerous options that you can select depending on the size of the project, condition of the work place, budget among other expectations. And, our representatives are always working round-the-clock to ensure that you get the best assistance in choosing an ideal Crown forklift for your project. Besides, our company also has the most competitive rates in the market so you can get the best Crown forklift for sale and rent without spending more.

Benefits of Crown Forklifts

Crown forklifts are among the best forklift brands that you should consider obtaining for efficiency in handling materials and goods in warehouses, building and construction sites or other areas. The following are some of the outstanding features of Crown forklifts that makes them a great option for lifting and moving materials;

Sturdy construction

Crown forklifts are highly durable and, this enables them to deliver better performance in handling goods and materials with varying load capacities. The frames and other components of these machinery are built to last, which ensures an extended lifespan. Besides, Crown forklifts are also designed with myriad safety features to significantly reduce chances of accidents to the users and also, in the workplace. As a result of all these features, using Crown forklifts will enable you to effectively enhance productivity in greater safety.

Energy Efficient

Although Crown forklifts are offered in diverse types, all are designed with greater focus on low energy consumption. Whether you choose an electric forklift, gasoline forklift, Liquid Propane Gas forklift, diesel forklift, Internal Combustion forklift or any other type of Crown forklift, you will always be able to experience better performance with minimal energy consumption. Therefore, using Crown forklifts can be very economical in terms of operational and maintenance costs.

Highly versatile

Unlike some forklift brands that are only limited to specific applications, our Crown forklifts can serve a wide range of applications when it comes to handling materials and goods. Considering the sturdy construction and efficiency of these machinery, they can effectively work in various conditions both indoors and outdoors. On the other hand, Crown forklifts are always ideal for light and heavy duty load handling projects. Since we offer a wide range of Crown forklifts, we can also assist you in choosing the most suitable machine for the particular job that you have.

Easy-to-find Spare Parts

With our Crown forklifts, you will never be forced to stall operations or dispose your machinery simply because spare parts are costly or difficult to find. Besides Crown forklifts, our company also deals in quality spare parts that you can easily acquire for replacement whenever the machine encounters a problem or needs an upgrade. We offer a huge collection of spare parts that are compatible with various Crown forklift models and types. For lasting solutions, we also provide professional forklift repair services for all Crown forklifts and other forklift brands.

Works with several Warehouse Equipment

Apart from just forklifts, the Crown brand also offers a wider selection of warehouse equipment that you can use with the machinery to make the work much easier and faster. Instead of spending so much time searching for Crown warehouse equipment, you can simply find the required products from our company. We offer various kinds of warehouse equipment that can easily work with all Crown forklifts including, reach trucks, electric pallet trucks, tow tractors, stand on pallet trucks, order pickers among others.


Compared to their greater performance and lower energy consumption, our Crown forklifts are very pocket friendly. In fact, this is yet another reason that has enabled these forklifts to earn the trust of most workers. Despite the affordability of our Crown forklifts, quality is always given precedence. Whether you choose to buy or rent a Crown forklift from our company, there is always a guarantee of greater savings. Coupled with the energy efficiency or Crown forklifts, they are always an ideal option for projects with limited budgets or cases whereby there is need for cutting down operational costs.

Considering all the above benefits of Crown forklifts, these machinery are no doubt highly dependable when it comes to handling materials and goods. They will not only make your work less strenuous but, also very productive and safe. However, it should be noted that such are benefits that you can only experience with a good quality Crown forklift. Remember, not just any Crown forklift can serve all your needs as desired.

The Best Crown Forklifts for Sale and Rent Singapore

In order to get the best Crown forklifts for sale or rent in Singapore, Singapore ForkLift Service is the right dealer to always turn to. Our company stocks a selection of high quality Crown forklift types, spare parts and warehouse equipment, which can all be delivered on the shortest notice anywhere in Singapore.

To ensure that you are not faced with constant hitches when using our Crown forklifts, we also make sure that every product is checked, tested and proven effective before it is delivered. Besides, we can also offer professional forklift repairs. Simply get in touch with us for the best Crown forklifts for sale and rent in Singapore.