Mitsubishi Forklifts

Mitsubishi forklifts are not only common in Singapore but, across the world. In fact, Mitsubishi is one of the few forklift brands that have been able to retain better placement in the market for decades.  Most people prefer Mitsubishi forklifts mainly because of their durability, energy efficiency and flexibility in application. Compared to most forklift brands, these forklifts are also considered very economical since they require relatively low maintenance.

The outstanding quality of our Mitsubishi forklifts have enabled them to gain significant popularity in many storage facilities across Singapore. At Singapore ForkLift Service, our goal is to always deliver top notch forklift products that can effectively serve diverse customer needs in handling goods while also offering greater money value. We only stock genuine Mitsubishi forklifts that are acquired directly from the manufacturer. As a result of this, you can always be sure of the best quality.

In order to properly cater for varying customer demands, we offer Mitsubishi forklifts in diverse options. The products come in various models that you can select depending on the expected work load, budget for the project and other expectations. Despite your expectations, we can always assist you in choosing the best Mitsubishi forklift that guarantees greater productivity in handling materials and goods in warehouses.

Benefits of Mitsubishi Forklifts

There is always so much that you can achieve with a Mitsubishi forklift when it comes to handling materials. The following are some of the benefits of Mitsubishi forklifts, which give then an upper hand in the market;

Ergonomic design

One of the main focus of Mitsubishi in the construction of forklifts is safety of operators. The forklifts are designed with ergonomic features to ensure that users of the machinery are comfortable and not exposed to any kind of risk. Unlike conventional forklifts that leave operators tired with back and neck pains, Mitsubishi forklifts integrate unique comfort and safety features. In fact, this is the best forklift that you can easily operate even for the whole day consistently without any risk of injury or pain. As a result of this, workers will feel motivated to work, thereby improving productivity.


Mitsubishi forklifts are also very versatile and, this is quite evident in the various features and components of the machinery. The forklifts are offered in diverse models, each designed with features to facilitate use in varying working conditions and spaces. Besides, the diversity of Mitsubishi forklift models also enables them to handle different load capacities. In fact, you can even choose the models based on height of the mast. This is important in ensuring that every customer can always get the most suitable Mitsubishi forklift that can effectively serve the intended application. Our Mitsubishi forklifts can deliver greater performance in all working conditions and warehouse applications.

Available in different Types

There are various types of Mitsubishi forklifts that you can either buy or hire from our company including, electric forklifts, gasoline forklifts, rough terrain forklifts, LPG forklifts, diesel forklifts, side loaders, truck mounted forklifts and telescopic forklifts. The choice of a Mitsubishi forklift type usually depends on the condition of the workplace but, all these types are proven effective in varying conditions. In case you may have a problem in choosing the most suitable type of Mitsubishi forklift, our engineers can always offer assistance. In this way, there is no doubt you will end up with the right pick for your project and budget.

Energy Efficient

High energy costs is one of the main challenges faced by most workers when using forklifts. In order to easily avoid falling victim to this, you should always choose our Mitsubishi forklifts. Although the machinery are designed to operate on various sources of energy like, electricity, gasoline, LPG among others, they are equipped with energy saving features for reduced consumption. This means that you will never experience elevated energy costs when using these machinery. Besides, the low energy consumption will also contribute to low maintenance costs, which makes them very economical.

Easily accessible Spare Parts

Even with the best maintenance, you may sooner or later need to make replacements for one or more parts of the machinery. Replacement of forklift components is not only recommended whenever the machine breaks down or encounters a problem but, can also be conducted to improve performance. Our company also deals in a wide range of Mitsubishi forklift spare parts that are readily available for delivery at any time that need to conduct a replacement.

Our work do not just end at the provision of spare parts; we also have engineers with great expertise and experience in forklift repair. Whenever you acquire a spare part from our company, we can also proceed to do the replacement and also perform various repair procedures to keep the machinery in the best working condition. Even if you do not need a replacement for forklift components, you can still ask for professional forklift repairs at any time that the machinery is experiencing problems.

Works well with most Warehouse Equipment

Mitsubishi forklifts are also compatible with several warehouse equipment; an element that makes them very versatile. In fact, we also offer Mitsubishi warehouse equipment that you can acquire to make the tasks less intensive and faster. Some of the main warehouse equipment that you can also obtain from us include, tow tractors, electric pallet trucks, reach trucks, stand on pallet trucks, order pickers and hand pallet trucks. We can always assist you in choosing the best warehouse equipment to use with all Mitsubishi forklifts.

Dependable and Efficient Mitsubishi Forklifts Singapore

The ultimate dealer that can always deliver dependable and efficient Mitsubishi forklifts is Singapore ForkLift Service. We only stock genuine forklift products that guarantee improved productivity and safety in handling materials and goods. All our Mitsubishi forklifts are readily available for delivery on just a short notice for unrivaled convenience.

It is only from our company that you are always assured of the best quality and affordable Mitsubishi forklifts, spare parts, warehouse equipment and repair services. We can help you to effortlessly get the right Mitsubishi forklift for sale and rent in Singapore.