Internal Combustion Forklifts

Simply abbreviated as IC forklifts, Internal Combustion forklifts are a common sight in most shipping yards and other establishments where larger quantities of goods and materials are handled. These forklifts are mainly designed for heavy duty applications, which require super strength and endurance. Compared to electric forklifts and several other forklift types in the market, IC forklifts are generally more reliable and efficient, with greater speeds of travel.

Internal Combustion forklifts come in various models, which run on different sources of power. Most of the IC forklift models that we offer are powered by Liquid Propane Gas, gasoline, CNG and diesel. Although, IC forklifts also have varying load capacities, they can lift heavier loads that most common forklift types cannot handle. We offer very strong and compact Internal Combustion forklifts that can handle loads of up to 120, 000 lbs.

At Singapore ForkLift Service, we provide diverse Internal Combustion forklift models for hire and sale. These forklifts are available in several trusted brands that are known for greater performance and reliability in handling goods. Our goal is to diversify our product portfolio to cater for different customer needs. In fact, we strive to make it much easier and affordable for businesses to buy and rent very efficient IC forklifts in Singapore.

Advantages of IC Forklifts

Buying or hiring an Internal Combustion forklift comes with lots of advantages that will ensure improved productivity and efficiency in your operations. The following are some of the main advantages of IC forklifts;


One of the key reasons why most people prefer IC forklifts is their flexibility, with regards to where they can be used. These forklifts are built to handle varying weight capacities in tough conditions, which most forklift types cannot endure. The machines are accorded robust construction, using strong materials that can withstand compromise in varying work environments. In fact, IC forklifts are the most ideal choice for those operating under extreme conditions.

Despite the suitability of Internal Combustion forklifts for outdoor operations, we also stock some models that can still deliver better performance in enclosed environments. Generally, IC forklifts that run on Liquid Propane Gas are the best for handling materials in closed workplaces. However, you may still need to consider additional measures to curb the impact of emissions and noise generated from the machines.

In terms of versatility, IC forklifts also offer the option of switching between various sources of energy. For example, you can choose a model of Internal Combustion forklift that runs on both gasoline and gas. This offers you freedom in choosing the most affordable and safer means of powering the machine.

Durable construction and Powerful engines

Although the designs of IC forklifts usually vary from one series or model to another, the general construction is notch higher than most forklift types. Considering their suitability for heavy duty applications in tough environments, the machinery are built from compact and long lasting materials. This goes a long way in enhancing the safety of using IC forklifts as well as their performance and longevity.

Some may think that the fuel-switching feature of IC forklifts could have an impact on the performance of their engines. However, that is not true. There is greater innovation integrated in the design of IC forklifts that enables them to deliver even in the toughest situations. With responsible use and care, Internal Combustion lifts can guarantee unrivaled performance for a very long period of time with the least cases of breakdown or malfunction.

Diverse IC Forklift Brands to Choose from

We understand the element of brands when it comes to forklifts and, that is why our company offers diverse options. There are several top IC forklift brands that we provide for rent and sale in Singapore including, Caterpillar, Crown, Hyster, Manitou, Nissan, Mitsubishi, TCM, Still, Toyota and Komatsu. For every brand of IC forklift, we stock a wide range of series and models to select from. All these forklift brands can serve numerous applications but, we can always assist you in choosing machines that are customized to your operations as well as budget. Our company sources for only high quality forklift brands for guaranteed efficiency and reliability in handling materials.


Even with the greater strength and performance of Internal Combustion forklifts, they are quite cost-effective in terms of the initial and overall maintenance costs. Unlike forklifts that are powered by electricity, the prices of IC forklifts are relatively cheaper. In fact, there are some models that cost even more than 30% percent less. The maintenance costs may vary depending on the source of energy used to operate the machine and condition of the workplace but, there is not much required apart from the recommended general procedures. An IC forklift can even be more efficient if used appropriately and kept in proper condition.

The Best Internal Combustion Forklift Spare Parts and Service

Our forklift spare parts are important for improving performance and fixing hitches whenever they occur. We specialize in the best quality IC forklift spare parts that can always be delivered at your convenience. Similar to forklifts, our spare parts are also sourced from various trusted brands to ensure that you are able to get just the right ones that are compatible with your machinery. And, we can also assist you in choosing the most suitable IC forklift spare parts for the particular machine that you have and, budget.

Just like other machinery, forklifts can also succumb to hitches that require expert attention. But, you no longer have to worry about any form of IC forklift problem because, our company also specializes in professional forklift repair and maintenance services. We can always visit your place of work on short notice to inspect the machine, diagnose and fix problems right on-site so that operations are not badly affected.

For greater improvement in productivity, we also offer several kinds of warehouse equipment like, hand pallet trucks, reach trucks, order pickers, tow tractors and stand on pallet trucks. Our company is the most reliable dealer in Singapore that can deliver exceptional quality and fairly-priced Internal Combustion forklifts, spare parts, warehouse equipment and forklift repair services.